Identity Formation/Research Methods

Topics: Adolescence, Research, Peer group Pages: 3 (738 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Identity Formation & Research Methods
Short Writing Assignment # 1

Identity formation is a universal term for young girls and boys who are trying to create themselves once they have that self awareness concept. There are many experiments that show media, peer pressure, and environmental factors contribute towards alternating a person’s identity. Natural observation and the longitudinal study can show the changes that form when a person encounters a social environmental factor that can alter their own identity which; it could be through friends, pressure to fit in, or celebrity envy. Two research methods that would prove to show that media, peer pressure, and social environmental factors do influence identity formation would be studying a participant over a long period time and studying a person in a natural setting with out them knowing. For example doing a longitudinal study on a participant will show the influences of different factors that will have on a certain participant through out their development. Doing this kind of research method will show the progress of changes in that participant’s life and will show the researcher the affect it has on her or his identity development. For example a young girl who always watches celebrities through out her childhood and into her teen years will show an affect on her identity rather then someone who is taught on real life and how people are suppose to look like or act. “Adolescents who watched music videos were more likely to recognize and relate to the socially competent behaviors demonstrated in the music videos than to the negative images or entertainment only value of the video (Te'Neil Lloyd 2000).” Using a natural setting can show researchers if participants act differently in real life after watching certain movies or shows. Without the participant knowing they are being studied they will show a natural behavior and most likely send out a false identity after being exposed to those social media...
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