Topics: Teacher, Mother, Time 100 Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: February 14, 2013
“Identity doesn’t remain static, it changes as you get older”

Life passes in a blur. One minute you’re playing with your toys as a kid the next you’re graduating high school, getting married and having kids of your own. Throughout the lifespan however, our identity, who we were and who we are now are clearly not the same people. There are many factors that come into key in shaping the type of people we become like our experiences in life, the people we meet that influence us and the environment we grow up in. No one’s personality is set in stone; we are a constantly changing species, physically as well as mentally especially over time. As a child, my parents told me I was very talkative, outgoing and easily made friends. Although I am still all these, my personality and the way I look at the world is very different to the way the bubbly child I used to be did. There are events in life that change you as a person, for the good and the bad. These experiences however, are key in shaping who we are and can also be seen as challenges and how we deal with them, whether being able to handle it or not, show what kind of person we are. In my life, I have experienced many ups and downs. They may not be as extreme like family members passing or problems at home but for me they were my challenges in life and have made me who I am today. There is no specific event that instantly molds who you are and determines what kind of person you will be because life keeps on going, you get new and different challenges every single day. Some may not seem significant like learning something new in school but in the end, it makes up who you are. The most influential people in my life would have to be my parents. From childhood till now, they have taught me so much and are still continuing to teach me. My dad teaching me to ride a bike, mum teaching me my times tables and even now, moving on from training wheels to car wheels. They not only teach me practical skills but also life...
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