Identities: National and Other

Topics: Nationalism, Nation, Ethnic group Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Chapter 2
”Identities: National and other ” Chapter 2 from the book „Who are we?” by Samuel Huntington is called „Identities:National and other”. In this chapter is explained the concept of identity, because identity is an important part from us, the human beings. Identity is a product of self-consciousness and represents an individual’s or group’s sense of self. Through identity we have different qualities that diferentiates us, also individuals can redefine their identity because we all know that identities are constructed by us. Also, an individual to define his own identity he must know other people, because this can help him to construct his identity. By interacting with others, an individual can find different things that can help him to modelate his identity. We can observe that are different sources of identity. For example age, ethnicity, neighborhood, job. friends, and other things that can influence an individual’s identity. Identity is constructed by the individual but it can be also the product of interaction with other people. We need to know how other people see us from the exterior, because from the interior we can think that we are perfect but is not so simple. We think that they also see us like we are in the interior and also they can see us as we want to be, but is not like that. To realize this things people has enemies. Between two individuals , you think that you are better than the other and in this way your self-esteem is raising but it also can falls. So we need this people to maintain us and realize how good we are or not. And in this way we can improve our qualities or identity, why not. Also this chapter ta;ks about the false dichotomy. In this part we can see that European history had an important contribution for nations, nationalism and national identity. Through war the nations were formed. People learned to differentiate from other people with...
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