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  • Published: March 5, 2013
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‘Identities are constituted within, not outside representation’ (S. Hall and P. Du Gay. 1996. Questions of Cultural Identity. London: Sage. P.4) To what extent do you think fashion media plays a role in the construction of identities?

Identity in the modern landscape comes with many forms and how we absorb external information is believed to mold the way in which we are perceived and how we are performing bodies. Whether we place ourselves within the social sphere or not, it is mediated control over a system of images, text and ideas that evidently exists to both parties, some believe that they are void of absorbing information given to us through the media, and others are happy to consume this controlled information. If we are a part of this media sphere, then it’s questioned if our identities our constructed within this controlled feed of ideas and representations or our being is innate to each individual, Hall & du Gay (1996) Media within the modern landscape has advanced, with increasingly personalized communication techniques and specific ways of maintaining addresser-addressee relationships.  Louis Althusser, with extensive research and methodologies, associated his central thesis by grasping ideology and particularly ‘interpellation’. Althusser’s theory is an introductory premise, the: “Hey you!” theory, which carries the notion of individuals becoming subjects, of ideological status, in a street the hailed individual will turn round, ‘by this mere one-hundred-and-eighty-degree physical conversion, he becomes the subject’ (Althusser, "Lenin and Philosophy" and Other Essays, 1970, p. 118). This theory applied to the modern and historical fashion media landscape, which in the increasing age of network-ability makes a large percentage of the population relevant within an identity conscious, arts and culture driven social sphere, encompassing all sectors of the subject. Fig 1 displays this execution, Time Magazine’s interpolating cover featuring the...
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