Identifying Self-Directed Behavior

Topics: Education, Teacher, Psychology Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Independence is the capability of functioning in a given area without relying upon another's help. When one think of self-directedness, independence should come into mind. As educator’s we are to challenge students to be independent learners within our classroom. To begin with, teaching is more than just transferring information from teacher to student, but also preparation for the success of their students. Frank (1999) also believes that teachers help students to be a success. He states, “For our society to prosper, we must become the best teachers we can be and provide the best education for all students” (pg. 2). In order for society to prosper, teachers must work at their best and provide the most productive education for our students. This means teachers should prepare students for the future, so they could build our society and be successful. Teachers can help students become successful by helping them to become self-directed learners.

In one of my colleague’s classroom I observed her students monitoring their grades by recording them on a chart. The categories include homework, in class assignments, quizzes and tests. This allows students to monitor their progress without her having to inform them of that information. Self-Monitoring involves learning to pay careful and systematic attention to your problem behaviors and habits, and to the stimuli that trigger them into action. (Dombeck, M and Wells-Moran, Jolyn, 2009).It makes them independent and academic status. In Program One, "What Is Self-Directed Learning?", Ms. Marian Leibowitz told a story about her grandson that described self-directedness. She indicated her grandson Benji was coming down the stairs holding Mr. Potato head and its parts, attempting to walk down the stairs without thinking of his safety. His mother directed him to hold on to the banister, however he knew in order to play with Mr. Potato head he needed its parts. Therefore, he thought about it and decided to throw the parts...
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