Identifying Organic Compounds

Topics: Fatty acid, Olive oil, Metabolism Pages: 4 (1182 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Identifying Organic Compounds
2. Purpose/Problem: I am doing this experiment to find out what kind of organic compounds are in test tubes A, B, C and D. I am curious to know if substance D was the lipid because it seemed thin and had a slightly yellow tint of color to it. 3. Research: In my research I was informed about facts and appearances of lipids. First of all lipids are non-polar compounds, thus they won’t dissolve in water. This is also known as being hydrophobic. They are made with one glycerol and 3 fatty acids attached, known as a triglyceride. Lipids also mostly consist of waxes, oils and sterols. The distinct differences between these lipids are simply stated by this question “liquid or solid?”The function of a lipid is to store energy, but they are also major parts of cell membranes. Some common household lipids are butter, canola oil, and extra virgin olive oil. Things I noticed that were different from each one of these lipids were that the oils were all liquids and the butter was solid. Also the butter was the lightest color of each the lipids and the extra virgin was the darkest. But the most important thing that I noticed was that the butter says it has extra virgin olive oil in it but yet it is the lightest color of all three. So why does butter and extra virgin olive oil make a lighter color together when one of them is extensively darker than the other, when in the lab the color of the tuna made a difference in what the color of the positive test was suppose to be? This is because the solid butter is only made up of 2% of the extra virgin olive oil, so the color does not change. 4. Hypothesis: I think because oil is so thin and has a yellow tint it is substance D based on my research. If substance D is the lipid then I would guess that substance A is the sugar, substance B is the protein and substance C is starch. 5. Materials:

Supplies Equipment Chemicals 1...
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