Identifying at Least Two Characteristics of Both Open Systems and Interoperability

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  • Published : December 12, 2006
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Identifying at least two characteristics of both open systems and interoperability. Discuss how the logistician will benefit from (the systems or the characteristics?). Be sure to address TOC (spell out) and logistics support planning. An open system sets out to identify broadly accepted interfaces (generally best defined by formal consensus specifications and standards) early while addressing its system architecture. It utilizes an open systems design approach which enables performance based design decisions allowing for selection of pieces and parts to accomplish "just in time" support reducing the risk of obsolescence facilitating the use of new technologies.

Interoperability is define as "the ability of systems, units or forces to exchange services and…operate effectively together" in pursuit of a common mission. The concepts of compatibility and integration are related to interoperability. To meet requirements for interoperability, services' systems must be able to share data in a timely, reliable manner that is operationally useful, and must operate across service or agency boundaries to support joint missions.

Interoperability capabilities within an open system will be enhanced utilizing a system within a family/system of systems concept and the use of two or more dissimilar system to exchange and use information. Benefits realized from the use of open systems standards will include reduced cost, increased competition. This will facilitate the use of widely accepted, standard products from multiple suppliers and allow for the use of off-the-shelf products and subsystems built to commercial standards, which will also reduce costs, development time and make interoperability easier to achieve.

The Open systems concept is important to the logistics professional because it provides commercial products from a variety of suppliers while minimizing the risk usually associated with commercial purchases. The logistician must ensure that the...
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