Identify a Problem of Urgent Importance to Canadian Society Today and How It Might Be Solved Through Political or Economic Change.

Topics: Sociology, Problem solving, Canada Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: February 28, 2013
A very short (250 word) opening reflection in which you will identify a problem of urgent importance to Canadian society today and how it might be solved through political or economic change.

The common saying, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link,” can be translated into an analogy to describe modern society. The weakest link, in Canada and most other nations are the poor and socially vulnerable. While poverty is often a forgotten issue, with the growing unemployment rates, increased child poverty and lack of funding or misguided social programs demonstrates that poverty is a growing concern in Canadian society and must no longer be neglected. The fundamental infrastructure of a society is to provide the basic needs of life to their citizens. Yet these basic needs are lacking from many Canadians and can especially be seen in certain minority social groups. Currently in Canada, no official measurement of poverty has been established. The government needs to constitute a social consensus on the set definition of poverty. This will not only solidify what is Canadian poverty but will also be a platform to formally address the needs and concerns of these vulnerable people, properly for the first time. With more attention for the poverty issues in Canada, greater social awareness, I believe, will lead to social action and change. Acknowledging, classifying and problem solving are realistic tools to help solve Canadian poverty. I believe that there is a greater good in humanity and with awareness and proper guidance, establishing realistic functional programs to fully eradicate or at least greatly diminish poverty in Canada is quite possible. In 2012, there is no reason why an innocent child should go to school hungry. Or a scared misdiagnosed, mentally ill person should be wondering the streets, confused and without having anywhere to go. It is time that we as Canadians, stop turning our backs and actually deal with our social issues from the...
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