Identify Transitions

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Identify the transitions experienced by most children and young people.

Most children may experience transitions; transitions can be long term or short term. Some transitions that most children may experience are likely to be, starting school or changing from one school to another. Some families may move house several times throughout their lives this can affect a child in that they have to try and make new friends and get use to the area in which they will be living. Children and young people have to make very many of their transitions without prior personal experience, and it can sometimes appear to them as a daunting list of 'firsts': first day at school; first exam; first sexual experience. Most of these changes are navigated well by most children and young people, as and when they are ready. The experience they gain and the skills they learn in the process equip them to deal with the challenges of life ahead.

The diverse range of transitions faced by children and young people includes: • starting or moving school
• puberty
• bereavement
• parents splitting up
• illness (their own or a parent’s or sibling’s)
• changing friendship groups
• entry to, or leaving, a pupil referral unit
• moving through child health services into adult services • coming out as gay or lesbian
• leaving home.

Young people and children will need help and support from peers and adults to successfully make the transition to the next stage in their life. The nature and timing and giver of the support will vary depending on the individual’s needs and circumstances.


Identify transitions that only some children and young people may experience e.g, bereavement,

Some children may experience transitions such as;

Bereavement-the death of a close friend or relative may be very traumatic for a child, when it comes to times of change and transitions you should give children every opportunity to talk about what is going to...
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