Identify Three Main Pieces of Health, Safety and Welfare Legislation Relevant to the Construction and Built Environment Sector (Industry) and Describe the Legal Duties of Employees and Employers in Terms of Such Legislation.

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The aim from this act is to provide a safe working environment which reduces the risk of accidents. All work places are covered by this, which says that an employer must do everything to provide a safe workplace with adequate welfare facilities. The employer and employees both have responsibilities in which they have to abide by at all times.

Employers must:
Provide and maintain safety equipment and safe systems of work •Provide information, training, instructions and supervision. •Ensure that staff are aware of the instructions provided by manufacturers and the suppliers of equipment. •Ensure materials are properly used, stored, handled and transported. •Provide a safe place to work in.

Provide a safe working environment
Provide a written safety policy
Look after health and safety of others such as visitors and public.
Employees must:
Take care of their own health and safety
Take care of other peoples health and safety
Co-operate with their employers.
Must not interfere with anything provided in the interest of health and safety.

Both employers and employee have a duty of care to:
Other workers who may be affected
Members of the general public.

COSHH – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

The COSHH regulations exist to protect employees from risks associated with 'hazardous' substances at work. These substances often include common cleaning chemicals such as bleach, multi purpose cleaners and aerosols, where there may be a risk of damage to health.

Employers must:
Assess the risks to health and safety
Prevent or control exposure
Ensure that all employees are properly trained and supervised. •Decide what precautions are needed to prevent disease
Make sure that the control measures are used and maintained •Monitor exposure and carry out health checks
Identify substances with the potential to cause harm

Employees must:
Make proper use of any control measures
Follow safe...
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