Identify the Processes and Assessment Tools Involved in Planning Support for Individuals with Different Needs Who Use Social Care Services.

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Identify the processes and assessment tools involved in planning support for individuals with different needs who use social care services.

In this assignment I am going to be identifying the process involved in planning support for individuals with different needs. The two individuals I will be referring to in this assignment are Sarah Devlin and Ruby Hemstock they both have different needs and both use health and social care services.

The process of assessment and planning


This is the first stage of the care planning cycle. Referral can be professional or in some cases self-referral. What is meant by the word referral is to direct to a source for help or information. There are many examples of referrals in both case studies.

Sarah- Her GP made a referral to the care team which then referred her to the direct nursing team. From the GP referred to the care team.

Ruby- Her family referred to care programme.

All those are examples of referrals.


This stage of the care planning cycle involves assessing the needs and preferences undertaken by the care plan manger. Using assessment tools this stage requires you to work closely with the individual. There examples of different types of assessments in both case studies.

Sarah- In home assessment to asses if she has improved. Moving and handling risk assessment, District nurse would asses is Sarah could remain in her own home.

Ruby- A full interdisciplinary assessments of both Ruby`s medical and physical needs. The intermediate care nurse assessments would include a thorough medical and social history. The occupational therapist would asses Ruby`s ability to carry out simple daily tasks. Either before or after discharge from the care home, the occupational therapist would assess Ruby`s home situation and re-asses the equipment given.

Assessment Tools

When assessing the needs of individual it’s also important to use assessment tools this is a vital part in the planning supports for individuals. There are many different types of assessment tools:




Diary of the professional



Personal history


Records of incidents and accidents

Dairy of the individual using the service

However relating it to the case study of Sarah and Ruby the assessments tools that are relevant to ruby are Discussions as she is very independent effective communication and keeping her aware of changes and problems with her own medical and physical needs are important for her individual needs and providing support for her. Another one which is important for Ruby is a dairy of professions as is so keen on her independency keeping a diary she is able to express her choice and preferences and cause evaluate the social care she is receiving. The most important one for Ruby is records of incidents and accidents as she suffers from falling a lot this would be a huge help for her. This would enable professions to be aware of how many times she is falling and if they are increasing or decreasing.

For Sarah assessment tools are also vital the ones that are relevant to Sarah includes, Observations this can help to describe behaviour patterns and self-care of the individual, as Sarah is having to be in bed all day. Discussions as she is being taken care of by her husband by being aware of what’s going on with his wife will help him take better care of her.

Identifying current provision

This stage of the care plan cycle involves the care plan manger to identify the resources required to help meet individual needs.

Sarah- She needs help from both health and social workers for many reasons which include GPs, for mobility and weight, care team for assessments in her own home, night sitter to help her in the night time, district nurse overall care, physiotherapist and occupational therapist.

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