Identify the Needs of Those Using Hr Services Within an Organisation and Explain How Conflicting Needs Are Identified and Prioritised

Topics: Need, Want, Customer service Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: November 3, 2012
The HR department is a service department to a range of customers. These can be external customers such as legal or government agencies but within an organisation, the internal customers are Employees (current and potential), Line Managers, Senior Managers and Directors.

Employees want professional HR support from real people partners and HR needs to be responsive and clear about what services it offers. HR needs to be easy to contact and able to respond quickly and effectively. Obviously employees require accurate pay and benefits, on time. They also want to be given the opportunity for training and development.

Managers want an HR function which understands the workforce and can help management balance employee and business needs. They want a proactive HR function which identifies issues before they happen and works with managers to address them. They would like HR to help them with their most challenging people issues including motivation, change and skills development. An HR function which does not understand the business and the workforce completely loses its value.

The needs of employees and managers may sometimes be conflicting. For example, managers require high levels of production and longer working hours whereas employees want more time off and more focus on work/life expectations. A good HR department need to work with both groups to find the right balance. A way of resolving these conflicts is to focus on the overall needs of the organisation. Ensuring that the appropriate workers are recruited and retained will help this. The skills and abilities of the employee need to be aligned to their job role and HR need to pride development and training the ensure productivity is reached and to manage turnover of employees. Coaching and counselling employees will also help and providing an effective reward and recognition system.

It will help HR ensure high levels of customer satisfaction by continually measuring and monitoring the...
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