Identify Marketing Opportunities

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Risk Pages: 9 (2067 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Marketing Report
May 2013
Claire Della Marta
Identify Marketing Opportunities

Table of Contents


SWOT Analysis

BCG & GE Model
BCG Model & Analysis
GE Model & Analysis

Time Frame

Strategies & Tactics
Strategy 1
Tactic 1
Tactic 2
Tactic 3
Strategy 2
Tactic 1
Tactic 2
Tactic 3
Risk Assessment Guide

Expected Outcomes
Definition of any Risks
Changes to the company
Viability of changes to the company

Appendix A – Opportunities Ranking Analysis
Appendix B – BCG Model
Appendix C – GE Model



Office Break Ltd was established 20 years ago by four friends in the grocery industry who saw an opportunity in delivering ingredients to offices and factories in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Office Break Ltd is an ingredients supplier to the Commercial Office and Factory Market. They supply coffee, tea, biscuits, sugar, disposable cups and other miscellaneous tearoom items required by an organisation for its employees. From humble beginnings the business has steadily grown with its best growth in turnover coming from plans implemented in 2010. The business continues with the same managing partners, Huey and Luey and a staff of 16 full time employees. Office Break Ltd is still a service industry. The essential service measure has not changed since the last management review in 2010. It is still all about product variety and prompt and error free delivery.

S.W.O.T Analysis for Office Break Ltd

* Office Break has the most efficient sales representatives in the market, which helps us increase sales. * With an increased advertising budget our firm will be able to reach a wider audience. * Through the use of our new computer system, order times have halved ensuring our customers receive their products quicker. * Our sales and market recognition will continue to grow with the addition of four new sales staff in Queensland. * Our storage system is reducing errors, helping us to ensure happy customers and less wastage. * With the increase of sales commission, Office Break will increase sales staff retention and attract the best sales representatives. * With a generous overdraft and a $10million dollar line of credit this will ensure Office Break always has the capital to grow as opportunities present

* Plans of expansion are restricted by limited office and warehouse space. * Office Break is relying heavily on borrowed money to finance its operations which is a liability * With a higher cost on merchandise Office Break are forced to price our products higher than our competitors in order to remain profitable. There is the potential to loose customers to our competitors due to higher prices. * Without Office Break management agreeing on a specific business plan and planning for the future there is a risk the business could loose sight of the external market and fail to grow and develop.

* (1) By increasing our supply to all of Pacific Magazines national offices we will achieve greater market share and brand recognition nationally * (2) Office Break will be able to offer our customers an exclusive new product, which will separate us from our competitors. * (3) Through business development and sales there is the opportunity to increase our customer base by absorbing our competitors’ clients during their industrial disputes. * (4) With a minimal investment Office Break can increase their operation capacity and customer base by purchasing a smaller competitor.

* With an increased focus on healthy lifestyles many...
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