Identify How Sport Is Administered in Hong Kong and Discuss How These Organizations Can Provide Better Opportunities for the Community of Hong Kong

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Nowadays, Hong Kong is not only a place for financial, real estate or logistical business activities, as the government provides the weight on sports events and development. The function of sports activities in HK is no longer to be an entertainment but it starts moving to a professional event. For example the successful outcome of Olympic Equestrian Events in 2008, therefore, Hong Kong people start changing their mind and believe that they are well prepared for a large international event in the near future.

How sport is administered in Hong Kong?
Basically, there are several associations to promote and develop each type of sports individually, all these associations are the members of the Hong Kong Sports Association of the Amateur Sports Federation and Olympic Committee (ASF&OC). In addition, they are subsidized by the Hong Kong Sports Development Board (SDB) for the development. These associations are able to organize sports events with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department for Hong Kong people to participate through the sponsorship from the Urban Council, they could also host large-scale sports events. Every year Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) goes through the "Sports Subsidy Scheme" activity, which the associations organize some project funds to promote and develop local sports. The subvention covers personnel, office and programme expenses funding and the sports activities including: local and international events overseas; team training; development plans (including sports training programs, the School Sports Programme, local sports events, Community Sports Club Project); and staff training / international sports meetings.

The Sports Associations amount of subsidy received
[pic] How these organizations can provide better opportunities for the community of Hong Kong?

Point 1: Government Subsidy

Hong Kong was well known...
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