Identify & Critique the Contemporary Approaches to Hrm and Evaluate Them in the Context of Hrm Theories and Literature.

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Identify & Critique The Contemporary Approaches To HRM And Evaluate Them In The Context Of HRM Theories And Literature.
Sneha S. Kulkarni(16094)

“Submitted in Fulfillment of the Requirement for B.A.(Hons.) in Hotel Management”

The University Of Huddersfield,

22nd April, 2010
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Sneha S. Kulkarni

1) I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my module leader Mr. Malay Biswas for your support in writing my essay. It has also enhanced my knowledge to a big extent. 2) I would also like to thank the IHM-A library- Ms. Rupa Matthew and Gajanan, for the help in collecting information for my essay.


Sr. No. | Title | Page No. |
1. | Declaration| 01|
2. | Acknowledgement| 02|
3. | Table of Contents| 03|
4. | Abstract| 04|
5. | Introduction| 05|
6. | Human Resource Management Practices| 06|
7. | Trends in Human Resources| 15 |
8. | Critique| 17 |
9. | Conclusion | 18|
10.| Bibliography| 21|

In this essay the author has initially explained the human resource practices which take place and affect the organization, many examples have been presented to put forward a clearer idea of the concept which is being written about. Later on, the current and future trends of the human resources have been discussed and the topic has then been further critiqued, where it is explained how important the HR department is and how it effects the smooth functioning of an organization. This is then followed by a conclusion by the author which brings the topic of discussion to a close.

Human Resource is simply about the management of humans in an organization, a human as such is a very intricate mechanism which is extremely difficult to understand let alone manage, because of the varied emotions, strengths, weaknesses, and ability to adapt to different environments that they carry. The Process of managing humans in a working environment is one which has to be carefully carried out as this is a very sensitive area. Every single human is different in nature and hence, every human reacts to actions differently. It is required by a Human Resources Manager to understand this phenomenon and work accordingly. There are two ways in which a Manager can carry out his actions – first by, theoretical methods where the employee is treated like what is given in the books and second, by the managers own methods as to how an employee should be treated. Employees like to be acknowledged and recognized; managers who treat their subordinates as equals, and acknowledge them are popular amongst them. Keeping employees happy and satisfied results in better outcomes in relation to the hospitality industry. HRM is required in every organization that involves humans which is basically every organization like Hotels, Airlines, Sports teams etc . It is extremely important in the service industry where the business is by humans and for humans and hence the requirement is high. Previously, HRM was not as widespread as it is today, in today’s day HR managers are expected to have a wide perspective when it comes to their employees. Every employee is a different human being and possesses a different thought process and hence, this requires the manager to carry out his activities which are related to his staff, carefully as this will help him to increase his understanding of humans in a work environment and also keep his employees satisfied.

Human Resources revolve around a few fundamental...
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