Identify Attributes of Both Effective and Ineffective Judges

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Identify Attributes of Both Effective and Ineffective Judges

By | June 2011
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In the United States judicial system has many players in the courtroom. The most important player in the courtroom is the judge. The judges go by various names -- Superior court judge, Appellate court judge and Magistrates. There are other judicial workers along with the Judges and magistrates that oversee the legal process while applying the law in courts. They preside over such cases concerning every aspect of society -- from traffic offenses; disputes over the management of professional sports; and issues concerning the huge corporation rights. All judicial workers must ensure that trials and hearings are conducted fairly. They also make sure the legal rights of all involved parties are safeguarded.

The judges’ visible responsibility is to preside over all trials or hearings and make sure that they listen to the attorneys’ representation of their clients. The Judges rule on the methods of conducting testimony and the admissibility of evidence. The Judges may be called on to settle disputes between the opposing attorneys. The Judges ensure that the rules and procedures are followed. Should any unusual circumstances arise, such as standard procedures which hasn’t been established, the Judges will interpret the law to determine how the trial should proceed. The Judges’ duties may vary according to their jurisdictions and powers. In the court systems the Federal and State trial court judges have jurisdiction over any case in their system. They usually try civil cases transcending from the jurisdiction of lower courts and all cases involving felony offenses. The Federal and State appellate court judges, which are few in numbers, have the power to overrule decisions made by the trial court or administrative law judges. The Appellate courts judges can overrule decisions that have been determined there is a legal error made in a case. They also make sure that there is a legal precedent which supports the judgment of the lower...

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