• Identify and Describe Four (4) Examples of U.S. Federal Government Expansion of Authority Between the Beginning of the U.S. Civil War and the End of the Civil Right Era

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Individual Project 1, U.S. History
Sidney Barros
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This paper shows some of the important year’s throughout the civil war to the great depression. It has dates of amendments time periods of Bill of rights the importance of some of these bills and amendments. Time periods in which acts were enacted, these altogether are relevant periods depicted. It shows how and why some of these Bills were enacted. Years were drawn to chronicle in succession those events.

Individual Project 1, U.S. History
The unrest between the north and the south gave way to the civil war in 1861. The Battle of Bull Run as known by the North or the battle of Manassas as known by the south was a bloody battle that sobered the union quickly. Certainly we will win this war in one Battle said many union soldiers but this was not to be. The Emancipation Proclamation was issued in September 23rd 1863 Lincoln announced that all slaves would be freed within rebel lines unless rebel states that seceded from the union were returned, January 1st came and went and the states that seceded did not return. 1864 Grant is made general in chief of the union army. 1865 Sherman march’s through Carolina’s I will show that several laws were enacted following the reconstruction period. 1862 – Homestead Act: Minnesota Sioux uprising begins plains Indian Wars The Civil Rights Act of 1866 – enacted that all born under the United States are declared citizens of the United States of all colors. * The Fourteenth Amendment coupled with the Civil Rights Bill basically said persons of the prominent confederate were not permitted to hold office. 1869 – Completion of first Transcontinental Railroad

* Massachusetts establishes first state regulatory
* Knights of labor created
The Force Act of 1870 – Congress finally moved to break up the power of the Klu Klux Klan Individual Project 1, U.S. History
Klu Klux Klan Act – Together these two laws made it a felony to...
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