Identify and Describe Different Forms of Communication

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Deaf culture Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: October 1, 2012
In this essay I am going to identify and describe different forms of communication. I will also be using examples from health and social care sector. Communication is started through the communication cycle which is defined as “The process involved in building and understanding of what another person is communicating” (BTEC first health and social, 2006). To interact with people we communicate, we can communicate in many ways such as speaking, writing and signs. There are many different forms of communication such as one to one, body language, technological aids, symbols and pictures, non-verbal, writing, sign language, Makaton, human aids, lip reading and braille. One to one communication is when you talk to one person; it can be informal or formal. An example of a formal conversation in the health and social care sector would be a doctor talking to a patient about blood test results. The doctor is sat straight and has his eyes mostly concentrated on the service user. The doctor shows that he is concerned and so therefor shows the trust that he and the patient have. Another example of communication is body language; it is the movements or attitudes of the body. It can consist of hand movements, eye movements and posture. An example of body language is when a person goes to visit a dentist about a possible tooth chip. The dentist would be sitting up straight when consulting him/her. The dentist would also be concentrating on what the service user is saying. A technological aid is another form of communication. For example we can communicate through technologic aids via. Computers/Pc’s, email, mobile phones, television and video conferencing. A nurse would use technological aids to phone up service users about results from a brain scan. She would use technological aids if it is not possible to communicate one to one. Symbols and pictures can also be used to communicate with people who have a hearing disability or braille would be used for people with...
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