Identify and Criticise How Media Affect Our Perception of Reality

Topics: Maldives, Dhivehi language, Atoll Pages: 7 (2893 words) Published: March 20, 2013
While some believe that the answer for the increase violent acts in the Maldives is the death penalty, others think it is against human rights to implement it. What are the pros and cons of allowing death penalty in the Maldives? Maldives is a small nation allocated in South Asia. The only religion Maldivians follow is Islam. That leaded the peoples of Maldives to have a good relation with each other. This small nation is so peaceful that tourists call this country as “heaven on earth”. But now a dark shadow of violence is surrounding the nation day by day. It is spreading like a viral disease. What is the reason of increasing violence in Maldives? Some peoples say the reason why violence is increasing day by day is not taking the real steps against the peoples who are doing these things. When we look at records of criminal court there were 1959 complains. Among them 65 were violence crimes.

According to legal assistant of criminal court Mohmed Amir 70% of the peoples who are committed in violence activities are repeaters. They are coming repeatedly in criminal court. So it is a proof that the steps which are taken to them are not suitable. That is the reason why peoples are demanding for death penalty in the Maldives. But there will be side effects of this also. Death is a decision that will bring person to an end. So if this is done the relatives of the person who is held to death may try to take revenge from the other family. So there are chances of increasing violence. On the other hand country like Saudi Arabia is presently following death penalty but it didn’t increase violence. It decreased crimes in Saudi Arabia. In Singapore also death penalties are implemented for some crimes like drug dealing. Most of the violence activities that take place in Maldives are done by a gang. So they are very much linked. It may seem like a small group but it is very much spread all over the Maldives starting from Thuraakuenu to Addu. And we look at the news we find that it is very much organized also. And its link goes from ordinary persons to ministers. That’s why if any one who belongs to that ministers group is put into death penalty they may use their political powers against the judge who have decided to give this punishment. But we have anti-corruption board also in Maldives so we take put this issue into anti-corruption board and try for justice. If their corruption gets busted they will be punished even though they are ministers. According to the law of Maldives president has right to cancel or change decisions that the judges make. So if a president use it to change or cancel some ones death penalty it may create lots of issues among political parties. This may lead to violence and also this may change some peoples thinking against judge or president. And they may try to take revenge taking help from opposition party. So it may lead the nation into huge problems like what we have experienced on changing our previous president Nasheed to our new president Waheed. And this may let the government lose lots of money which might be used for different development programs. Anger is very dangerous. Sometimes peoples lose their normal thinking abilities due to anger. So in that situation someone may die from someone who had never attempted a crime. That person might be the only hand who is taking care of a family. If in that case he is put into death that may bring a family into roads, which may increase thieving, robbery and again violence in the country due to increase in uneducated people. But on the other hand the one who had died also may be in the same situation as mentioned previously. So the best way deal with this case is keeping control on their own anger by themselves. Our profit also says that “the strongest man is the one who keeps control on their own anger”....
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