Identifi two recent reports on serious failures to protect individuals form abuse.Write an account thet describes the unsafe practices in the reviews

Topics: Nursing home, Care of residents, Geriatrics Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: November 11, 2013

Quiet room for punishment
I read an article about the abuse of residents in care home. These older people were beaten, locked up, dragged through the floor and on the seven people that have cared for them. This article fright raised up in me and I was not able to believe in what I read. Care assistant residents treated worse than animals. Shut them in the so-called "quiet room" for punishment if they behaved in relation to aggressive care assistance or were not tolerable. Residence times we spend in this room all night. The room was devoid of ventilation, access to toilets. If a person in this room closed screamed care assistance came into the room and balls the older person. Residence were forced to the entrance to the room and sometimes they were dragged through the floor and locked up there. This article moves it really only a few things that happen in nursing homes. my sentences such cases should be part of the sound system. And such people should be punished prison and pay maintenance payments to these people for the wrongs that they have done. Article approached me some things that need to pay attention to while working.

Record which shows a truth
The second article on the theme of what it says is about how a man abuse of residents in a nursing home. This gentleman was working very long time in this house, and only one person recording it has revealed how he treated the way people inhabit the house. At the beginning of the video you tried to pay attention managers about how its colleague behaves in relation to the charges. Unfortunately, the manager did not do anything with this fact . The last day of her job at the home she recorded that the care assistance slap a resident and later pulls his ears and an insult to the person using vulgar words The evidence she went to the police who responded immediately house was closed and moved to other residences homes. Male was convicted in prison and has been banned from practice. In this case, some...
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