Ideas to Reduce Corruption

Topics: Bribery, Political corruption, Corruption Pages: 4 (1385 words) Published: December 7, 2010
To reduce the level of corruption in our countries, we, as the next generation, must take the lead to make our desire of change public to each government. At the same time community leaders must be used to spread the idea of a progressive change. As my first step to do so, I will convince my sector leaders to increase education in people, youth and childhood, starting from just a few and going up in the whole country. After that, work with the example to other countries and make the change visible and desirable.

Corruption is such a major problem in our societies. For bad luck we are daily inmerse in cases where we have to face corruption and of course we will do it depending on the circumstances. Sometimes I think that we already live with corruption as a normal standard of living, how sad! Therefore instead of falling into the trap we should in first place think about what we are doing and the repercussions that my acts are going to have in a long term. The first step is to think if there is correct way to do things, maybe it is difficult but our problem is that we feel comfortable and we forget that we can think outside the box. We should start letting our voices out, and let them be heard, and of course even if it sounds as a utopia, the change starts with us and how are we willing to face this new challenges. It´s not going to be easy and we are not going to be able to change it in one day, but slowly, with a noble heart, with passion and desire, small actions can do gigantic things. Last but not least in my particular case, if someday I become what I’m wishing for; Ministry of Agriculture of Ecuador from that position at least I will be able to give back a little bit to my community and to the agricultural sector, and I will try my best to do things right for my country.

To reduce corruption is not an easy thing, it requires a lot of effort, but the change should begin by getting people to acknowledge that corruption is not something distant, allusive...
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