Ideas on Paper: How Literature Gets the Point Across

Topics: Employment, Maya Angelou, Tracy Kidder Pages: 4 (1463 words) Published: January 30, 2011
Ideas On Paper: How Literature Gets the Point Across


Literature is often seen as just another art form amidst a million others. The truth is just like any art form it is astonishing just how a simple idea can be delivered in so many ways. Today we will take the opportunity to examine several works of literature while showing how the same idea can be looked at very differently. For the sake of easy comparison we have chosen to look at labor as the singular idea and have chosen a short story, poem and essay to convey the message. The first work we will look at is a short story called The Cat Bird Seat. The Catbird Seat by James Thurber is a classic example of how animosity, tensions and even arguments create conflict in the workplace. Mr. Erwin Martin is the head of the filing department of the firm, “F & S” and is plotting in “rubbing out” Ms. Ulgine Barrows; the newly appoint special advisor to the firm president and an ambitious and ruthless woman using her position to encroach on other employees. Ms. Barrow’s brash actions upsets long standing employees as causing the firm restructure or downsize. Businesses restructure and downsize as a way to revamp their company by cutting down on costs to increase capital. New management sometimes causes employees to fear for their jobs, resulting in conflicts and disagreements. Sometimes supervisors do not respect the lines of work ethics and use their authority to have someone removed simply because they do not like them or to let everyone know, “who’s the boss.” As the story progresses, employees of the firm begin to leave because they find her vicious tactics intolerable. Mr. Martin fears in losing his job because of the recent firings and resignations, so he plans to take out Ms. Barrow out of the picture. He tells Ms. Barrow that he is going to kill the firm president and feigns odd behavior. The next day she complains to the president about what Mr. Martin had said and his...
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