Ideas for Non-Monetary Recognition

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Ideas for Non-Monetary Employee Recognition
* If you want to give your employee a very meaningful non-monetary employee recognition gift, give him a promotion. The promotion does not have to be significant or associated with a raise--it could simply be a promotion by name only. If possible, give the employee more responsibility or supervisory privileges over a person or group as a reward for his past efforts. The possibility for future promotions of this nature that will move him up the ranks may be just the push he needs to keep performing well. Award for Public Display

* A plaque or trophy is a simple, yet practical employee recognition incentive. The inscription should detail exactly what the employee did to earn the award. But instead of giving the award to the employee off the bat, present it to her at her desk in front of her co-workers and then place it on a display shelf at the place of business for a short time. This way, her fellow employees will be able to see her accomplishment each day. This may motivate all employees to work harder to achieve this honor. *

New Equipment
* An employee might desire work equipment that will make his job easier or his work more efficient. Oftentimes, the purchase of this equipment may not be allowed per the standard company budget. So instead of giving a monetary incentive to an employee to recognize his work, purchase a work-related tool that he needs or wants. For instance, an ergonomic back support or keyboard. This will benefit both the employee and the company if the tool helps to increase his productivity and satisfaction with the job.
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