Idealized Happiness

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Idealized Happiness
The illusion of happiness provided by the Coca-Cola Company paints the world as a place where happiness comes easily. In this world our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world. Over time Coca-Cola has instilled an image of happiness in the lives of people from generation to generation. While instilling this sense of happiness, within the souls of individuals, the company is creating a framework that endures and declares the purpose of potential growth. By reaching the goals set forth for their business, the intentional goal to the world, came from a provided portfolio of qualified beverage brands that anticipated and satisfied people's desires and needs. Both, the Coca-Cola truck as well as the Coca-Cola machine, fulfilled the desires of brining unity into a school house, and spreading enlightenment in various towns.

Happiness is a mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to overflowing joy; known in rudimentary terms as the state of being happy. To provide such a mythical world requires the influential value of promise. Where will happiness strike next? The ads reflected show different towns that inquire their happiness averaging from a small group of students to as many along the beach. Meanwhile, these overflowing joys (unity, relief, HAPPINESS) never stop nor run out. From start to “finish” this source of happiness was giving everlasting emotions, praise, and thanks. Knowing that these emotions presented themselves through a touch of a button, this was an opportunity of a lifetime.

The Coca-Cola truck ad was set into place to bring happiness into a town. It stationed itself in various areas such as on a beach, in a neighborhood, etc. It started with a touch of a button ending with the excitement that was shared throughout the community. The Coca-Cola machine was set in the café on a college campus. I think that it enhanced unity among the...
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