Ideal Temperature for Junket

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Ideal Temperature for junket
Aim- To discover the optimum temperature for junket to solidify Hypothesis- That the optimum temperature will be between 35-40°C Independent variable- Temperature (10, 40, 60 degrees)
Dependant variable- Time taken for Junket to set
Control- 2 clearly marker test tubes will be placed under each temperature condition, one with junket and one without, to clear the complication that it might be the temperature that is reacting with the milk and solidifying it instead of the junket. Safety requirements-

* Safety goggles
* Clear work space
* Proper use of equipment
Safety requirements-
* Safety goggles
* Clear work space
* Proper use of equipment
Key observations- After the set period of time each test tube from the water baths will be tipped to the side as a test, if the milk is still in a liquid form the enzyme rennin has not reached the optimum temperature to set. However if the test tube can be tipped and no milk remnant’s come out as the milk is in a “jelly” state then the optimum temperature has been reached. Equipment-

* 6 test tubes (50ml)
* 3 250ml beakers
* 1 50 ml beakers
* Full cream milk
* Junket powder
* Thermometers
* Stirring rod
* Waterproof marker
* Stopwatch
* Tray of ice cubes
* Boiling water
* Bunsen burner
1. Collect all equipment and take all safety requirements seriously. 2. Fill 2 250ml beaker with 150ml of water and place it over a Bunsen burner, check one periodically until the temperature has reached 55-60°C then maintain the temperature using a Bunsen burner. Allow the second one to drop to 35-40°C and maintain with a Bunsen burner. 3. Fill 1 250ml beaker with 150ml of water and place ice cubes into the water to lower the temperature to 15-20°C. 4. Separate test tubes into 3 groups of 2.

Place 25 ml of milk into each test tube then mark each one in a group with A or B. (You should have 3 A’s and 3 B’s) 5....
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