Ideal Teacher

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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From the moment we open our eyes at birth till the time of our death, our minds seek knowledge, we never cease to gain new experiences and curiosity never ends. It is a natural instinct of all humans to want to “know” and understand. Knowledge is the base of any good, solid society; wise, learned people make the right choices and succeed. A mother is a child’s first teacher; however, once the child is ready, he/she is sent to school and good teachers become scaffolds through which the child is exposed to the vast ocean of knowledge. An ideal teacher can make all the difference to a child’s physical, emotional and mental development.

An ideal teacher requires many commendable characteristics. Taking responsibility for schooling children takes a lot of patience and requires a deep understanding of child development at every level. An ideal teacher understands each child’s social, emotional, mental and physical needs and is able to tend to those needs in the best possible way. Each child is unique in their abilities and the rate he/she accelerates; therefore, each child requires a personal one to one attention. Understanding and mastering the best teaching ideologies is extremely important for a teacher in order to best enhance a child’s fine motor skills, cognitive, sensory, language, maths and numerous other fields.

A model teacher will always be in a positive state, creating a positive aura throughout the class. Managing the children and their behaviour using positive language is important in developing a healthy self esteem. Applying good disciplinary skills with consistency is also important to for the social, emotional and mental development of a child. An ideal teacher is responsible, hardworking, consistent and organized. She/he are well prepared and equipped with lessons, presentations, songs and anything else necessary to run a class efficiently. An ideal teacher acquires a clear use of language and good vocabulary to best communicate not only with...
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