Ideal Student

Virtue , Prayer , Reason

An Ideal Student


A Student who knows that studying is not a process of reaching the Goal. But studying is itself a Goal, a Student who knows that studying itself is important than the goal is an Ideal Student.

Yes Friends, I am going to talk about an Ideal Student.

As Lord Krishna says that Knowledge is itself the reward. True Knowledge is the only barometer against which we can measure an Ideal Student. What is this world without True Knowledge? A Suffering.

When the rays of Sun fall on earth the shadows disappear. Similarly when true knowledge is acquired then the Suffering ceases. But True Knowledge is only available for an Ideal student. That is the reason why in our India, Students were first prepared morally and then accepted by Gurus.

When this student who has been illuminated by true knowledge from a true Guru walks on this earth then the earths dances with joy to touch his feet, the trees swing in joy to see him, the worlds shake in respect. (remaining you fill)

Is the ideal student the student who sits in the back and does nothing? Who pretends to listen and hang on everyword, or is the idea student the one who raises their hand the most often in class and can't wait to shout out answers. Is the ideal student at school everyday, or is the ideal student absent a few times in the year. Is the ideal student one that worries about his or her grades? Or is he or she more worried about what you are going to do today? This is really one essay that only you can do, because only you know your own ideals. Think about high school when you thought about your dream boy/girl. Your friends didn't always agree with you, and this is almost the same thing. ESSAY 2

An ideal student is the wealth and future of this nation,hope of the family and pride of the school. He enders himself to all by his temperament,qualities of head,heart and knowledge. He respects his teachers and is helpful as well as friendly to his class-fellows. Such good and...
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