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I am flying back from Dallas Texas, relaxed, comfortable sitting in Economy Plus, after participating in my first IT (Information Technology) Summit, held yearly by our divisions Vice President. As I look around and observer others, I notice students, vacationers, and business travelers. I’m curious as to who they are in their organizations; managers, directors, janitors, or CEO’s? As I watch their behavior’s I begin to reflect on the session, my career, my future, and how I can contribute. As I think about the start of my career, the choices I’ve made along the way and how these choices have contributed to my successes, I realize I do have a plan, a vision and agenda.

Vision, values, and aspirations are limitless ideas when being developed however boundaries allow the mind to focus and narrow the definition, approach, and delivery. I’m finding this assignment especially difficult because I’ve led my life with limitless possibilities disregarding boundaries meant to keep one from achieving. For the first time I’m required to succinctly define my vision and values, document what they are, and create a development plan that ensures success. Throughout this paper, I will explore observations for how I’ve cultivated and refined these goals and objectives, recalling memories and those defining moments, when my vision became clear. I will discuss my plan for achieving my ideal self thru my career and life aspirations in coordination with my intellectual agenda, inclusive of the many challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. I have always known I am destined for greatness.

My Vision, Values, and Aspirations – the creation of Jayne Within our lifetime we will learn and experience many things but none as great as the knowledge and wisdom our parents pass on to us as we grow. This knowledge and wisdom takes the form of values that become our playbook for handling situations, seeking out opportunities, and grounding us when unclear of the direction. As a result of the values infused into me as a child; education, family, honesty, integrity, and hard work, they became the foundation for who I was to become. Throughout my life, I’ve had few defining moments in which I relied on this playbook of values. Additionally, these moments have a commonality that I hadn’t realized until writing this paper. This commonality is evolution. Through these moments I will share how I was able to continue evolving as a person and as a professional.

At the age of eight, I performed in the second grade talent show. I sang Love Child by Diana Ross, I was destined to become a performer and so my mom started the tap, jazz, and ballet lessons. At the age of ten I wanted to attend a Catholic College so I could be with my best friend Mary Touhy. My parents weren’t quite as excited about my choice of school, given we were practicing Jews. By fifth grade I developed a love for math (which still exists today) and thought being a math teacher was my passion. Between sixth and eight grades, I figured I should become famous for something, just not sure for what. Somewhere between freshman year and high school graduation, I lost my desire and ambition for greatness and just wanted to see what life was all about. So my journey began…

After a disastrous year at Southern Illinois University, I entered the workforce, I had many jobs and many experiences yet never felt fulfilled. I felt most comfortable when I was shopping and often assisted strangers with advice and tips so it made sense to explore a career in fashion. Not only did I love fashion and the thrill of the sale but I wanted to become a retail buyer for a high-end store. At the age of twenty-one, my first vision of buyer became clear, but not for long. I recall the first defining moment towards the re-creation of my vision and who I was to become in just a few years. I had always been a great salesperson, I could size up a persons taste with one look, help...
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