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Topics: Holidays, Holidays Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: December 19, 2012
The Best Holiday I’ve Had
Holidays are regarded as a joyful celebration or a cheerful event where most people celebrate according to their culture, home or religion. On most of these holidays, workers have a break from their work and spend their free time on activities with their family, friends or even by themselves. Holidays are total relief from everything you don’t want to do. So the best holiday I’ve ever had was the summer vacation holidays when I was on 9th grade. That total year was exciting and the holidays at the end of it made it much more exciting. I usually love summers, it has an exciting theme, no works, no stresses, no nothing. It makes my heart as free as a bird and moreover I had holidays ahead. Plans are the first things which start playing around your head. Had lot of plans to spend each and every day of my vacation. So here it goes three of my cousins along with me and my friend decided to have a lovely holiday. We planned to go to the sea beach of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. It is the longest sea beach of the world. It took 8 hours to go to Cox’s Bazar from my place. We checked into a hotel just by the sea beach. It was in the morning when we reached, around eight o’ clock. We unpacked our luggage, had breakfast and off to the sea we went. The enjoyment started then and there. We were for four hours in the sea shore. We were riding Jet Ski, fighting with the waves, playing volleyball, riding on squad motor bike, covering each other with sand, fooling around and much more. It was like we were never getting tired at all. At the noon I loved eating the sea food lunch, sea food was delicious. We went around the coconut trees, met with many people from that place, learnt a lot about their lifestyle. The afternoon in the sea beach was too hot so most people liked roaming about somewhere else other than the sea beach but in the evening everybody again gathered in the beach once again. From...
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