Ideal Mate Theory

Topics: Marriage, Interpersonal relationship, Truth Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: November 9, 2010
Tracy Kessie
Ms. Colacci

Mate Selection Theory: Ideal Mate Theory Reflection
Choosing a mate in society now days is usually base on our ideal image of significant other we have created in our head that is influence by our surroundings. The mate selection theory, which appeals most to me, is the Ideal Mate Theory because everybody has developed a concept of their own ideal mate. Three reasons why this theory of the Ideal mate theory appeals to me are: 1. Best way to find a mate is base on parental control/role modelling meaning finding a mate that will be acceptable to my family. Life experiences and observation of relationships promotes the decision who is attractive to them and what they want in a mate based on the unconscious image of the ideal mate. Having knowledge of life experiences, and observation sets the standard between who is attractive – successful relationship, and individual with unattractive characteristics – unsuccessful relationship. In addition, the media portrayal of romantic love plays a role of finding the ideal mate. 2. The concept of “love at first sight” is support by the ideal mate theory; is somewhat unrealistic sometimes. However, once an individual has found a significant other who fairly falls into their ideal mate image. The individual attempts to create a successful relationship with the other. 3. Lastly, the concept of in the search for an ideal mate based on qualities preferred (or list), is nearly impossible. I believe no individual can find a perfect mate with to all the qualities, the more qualities demanded the smaller the group of choice. I think people have to limit their “demands” to a reasonable size that doesn’t go against their standards. The Ideal Mate Theory, I believe is the best mate selection theory because in order to find a mate that is suited for ourselves, we must be familiar with what characteristics we each consider is attractive and unattractive in a mate. Although, it is nearly...
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