Ideal High School

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My Ideal High school:

My ideal high school would be coed. I would want boys and girls to interact with each other and learn from each other in this important developmental stage in life. That is why I would never have a school with people of the same gender only. The school would also be religiously oriented and teach SDA values. This high school would also be very dedicated to prepare the students for college careers. I would probably go in the Charter school direction but rather than focus on only one area of study (only medicine, only law, only art etc.) I would have different track concentrations the students themselves could choose. Personally, I changed my Major three times in college because I had no idea what to do after high school. Most high schools do not prepare you enough, rather they give you all the classes you need therefore once the time comes to choose for yourself, students are clueless. With specific tracks, the students can get a feel for a certain area of study (what most people do their freshman year of college) but if they don’t like it, they can try other areas as well. College is expensive enough as it is, so it would be nice to prepare students to know where their strengths are in high school, rather than mess around once they graduate. My ideal high school would not be a boarding school. I know many people who have cherished memories from boarding academies, but a part of my high school experience was the support of my family and it made all the difference in rough times. I would also have a strong athletic program. I believe sports helped me develop certain characteristics and learn important values and morals such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and the advantage of practice and dedication. For those students who are not athletes, I would also have a strong intramural program. I believe interscholastic sports are healthy for the student body in general. Rather than let the students choose their own teams, I would assign random teams...
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