Ideal Heaven

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Laura Reyes
April 15, 2013

My Ideal Heaven

I have often put thought into what heaven will be like and who will be there. I believe that my family, friends, and pets would be there. I would want my family there because I love them and care about them. I would want my friends there because we get along so well and always make each other laugh. I would want my pets there because I am very close to them and they are like part of my family. In heaven, everything would be peaceful. There would be no drama, or fighting, or yelling. It would even look peaceful and be on the beach or on an island. There would be perfect weather every day, and plenty of fun things to do there. In my heaven there would be a Disneyland, Knotts, Six Flags, and Universal Studios. The admission would be very low, or nothing at all. You could go from park to park, or just choose to relax on the beach. Heaven would not only look nice, but it would taste good too. The clouds would be made out of cotton candy, the dirt would be made out of brownies, the sand out of sugar, the water would be chocolate milk, and when it rains it would rain rainbow sprinkles. My ideal heaven is perfect for me, and it is a place where I can be forever. Most people don't like the idea of forever, but I don't mind when I'm surrounded by my favorite people, places, and things.
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