Ideal Gas Law

Topics: Death, Euthanasia, Medical ethics Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Silver Watkins
Mrs. Williams
10th Lit/Comp
29 April 2013
Euthanasia in America

Murder or Justice, who knows? What is the exact purpose of life? Who is it that decides our fate, stating/deciding whether or not it’s worth being sustained? Euthanasia is a very controversial topic that is constantly being debated by many politicians. Some of these politicians have formed groups opposing the legalization of euthanasia. These politicians’ main argument is over the immorality of it, but still who are they to choose man’s fate. The individual should make his/her own decision and if not able to then the individuals family. Consider this, a woman is in her late 70’s and is diagnosed with Parkinson’s and cannot control any of her body and has lost her ability to speak. In this situation this patient is unable to decide her own death because she cannot voice her own opinion on whether she is ready to die or not. This is where the family would step in and decide for the individual. It is a waste to let a patient stay on life support who will never recover because this will only waste money, time, and space for the hospital in addition to the pain and suffering of the patient. This is America, the place of freedom and human rights. The people should be able to voice their own opinions and make their own decisions on when they should die. Liberty is a lawful right given to the people of America by the constitution that was written in place for situations like these. If death must be the outcome, then consent it to be accomplished. Euthanasia is an ancient term used back around the Greek and Roman times. The word euthanasia is a Greek word meaning ‘“Good Death”’. This term is stating that euthanasia is a painless way of dying. Euthanasia is not just a practice that is used on humans this also applies to animals as well. Many animals that are old and useless or are dangerous are “put down” painlessly. The difference in this case is that animals cannot have a voiced...
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