Ideal Friend

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Everyone has an ideal friend in thier mind. For me, my ideal friend must have these three specialties, trustworthy, caring and generous.

First, I want him or her to be trustworthy. I want him to keep my secrets even if anyone tried to ask him about it. He needs to tell me the truth but not lying to me. He will be the one who gives the most reliable and best advices to me whenever I am in difficulties or problems. I am put my trust on him at any time.

Second, he needs to be caring. Whenever I nned his help, he will encourage and find help for me regarding to my hobbies, jobs or studies, and even other aspects. He will point out my weaknesses so I am improve myself. When I make a stupid mistake, he will never laugh at me, but instead, he guides me to correct my mistake. He also understands and appreciates my family backgrounds and cultures, in which he respects them.

Third, he needs to be generous. If I have financial situations, he will always try his best to help me through the difficulties. For example, when we went to a restaurant for dining, he will always be the one who pays te bills. Also, if I need his car for work or study, he will prepare a car with full fuel inside it. He will also bring gifts and presents to me and my lovely family. He is always at my side whenever I needs him.

This is my ideal friend in my life. I hope that I can meet him someday in the future, maybe tomorrow, a month later, or who knows, maybe today!
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