Ideal Family Size

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Ideal family size
Comment on each of the reasons the writers gives for people having children.

The reasons are :

1. “That it would benefit the child”
In my opinion it would only benefit the child if he gets to enjoy the fun things about life. In some sad cases, it can also benefit the child if the parents have insurance the child can use the money for furthering their education or advancing there self.

2. “To increase the world’s total happiness”
I don’t think that it increases the world happiness because sometime persons have children they really didn’t plan on having. But because they don’t believe in abortion person usually carries out the paternity.

3. People justify the decision to have children on the grounds that they are continuing a family name or genetic line Some people use that concept back in the day. My great grand mother had twelve children because it was demanded by her parents to continue the family name. Other persons believe in that concept as well when they have their own business and want someone in the family to carry the business legacy. The generation we live in some parents stress out their children to have kids because they feel they are ready. The child isn’t ready mentally because they want the family name to be continued.

4. So there will be someone to care of them in their old age. I believe many persons decide to have children for this main reason because when they get old they would rather there children taking care of them. In some cases many children throw there parents in old folks home because they either don’t have the time or want to take care of them at all. In other cases they may hired a stay at home nurse to assist them.

5. People offer the notion that parent hood will make them happy. In today’s society some ladies believe that having a child would make a relationship happier because it seems like it about to fail. Parenthood can make you have if you have the support and team to help you through....
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