Ideal Career

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Ideal Career

Ideal career is very necessary in everybody’s life. The choice of ideal career is a very difficult problem. Success in life largely depends on the right choice of profession. There are so many jobs vacations and career paths out there. Setting on just one can seem impossible, especially looking to move beyond “just a job” and find the career of a life time. So everyman should be serious in the matter. The choice of a man’s ideal career should be made at the proper time. Choosing an ideal career can be exciting, but also bit tricky. If a man can choose his ideal career early, he gets many advantages. Such choice can help him take the appropriate course to attain his whole life. An ideal career like a rudder in a boat and leads a man towards success. A man often does not know how to make a correct estimate at his abilities and intelligence. Many profession’s dazzle his eyes. So parents and teachers should help him in choosing his ideal career. Strengths, values, personality and interests are like having a compass with its needle pointing towards the right direction for ideal career.

My parents put me to school with high hopes. I must full fill their wish. For this I have to find out an ideal career for me. I shall analysis myself and my interest and others. For this I study underlying forces and religion and philosophies around me. I analysis the things I really love to do. A career which has enough opportunity in here and support with my strength. I try to find out the career which I really enjoy. After all study and analysis of my self and my interest and philosophies, I have made up my mind to become a medical man. Because of a medical man is one of the most important people for the development of a country. To full fill my dreams of becoming a doctor, I shall study very hard. Bangladesh is a land of poor people. They are ill-fed and ill-clad. They are ignorant at the lows at hygiene. So, there are out breaks of many diseases among them....
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