Ideal Bureaucracy

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Meaning of Bureaucracy :

Bureaucracy is a organizational structure which is introduced by Max Weber,It includes formal organizational structure,management by rules,procedures,protocols and regulations,organization by functional speciality,An "up-focused" or "in-focused" mission,purposely impersonal,employment based on technical qualification.

In modern times, several meanings are attached to this term : * Bureaucracy as a rule by officials.
* Bureaucracy as a rational organisation.
* Bureaucracy as organizational inefficiency.
Advantages of Bureaucracy :
Theoretically speaking, a bureaucracy may be regarded as a very efficient means for performing tasks in any large scale, complex organisation, either private or public. An ideal bureaucracy has the following advantages : 1. Bureaucratic administration is based on rules and regulations. 2. Recruitment is based on impartial objective methods and not on patronage. 3. It develops efficiency.

4. It aims at consistency of treatment of the customers.
Therefore, a bureaucratic organisation is speedy, regular, efficient, unambiguous, continuous and rational. Bureaucracy thus is considered to be indispensable in the field of political as well as economic administration. Limitations of Bureaucracy :

Various criticisms have been leveled against bureaucracy from time to time. 1. Under bureaucracy there is too much of emphasis on the observance of rules, regulations and procedures. This gives rise to avoidable delay and red-tapism. The human side of things is ignored. 2.  It follows tradition and conservatism; consequently, a bureaucrat would hesitate to bring about any change, even when necessary. It cannot bring about innovation so vital for economic change. 3. It cannot face the challenge of uncertainty and volatile change. It is too slow to deal with such a contingency effectively. 4. Bureaucracy leads to departmentalism. It has a tendency to divide and subdivide a task. 5. Responsibility and risk are...
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