Ideal American

Topics: United States, Orphan, Audie Murphy Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Several perspectives analyze used to analyze and ideal American. The main two are the Christian perspective in which ideal America are classified as holding three character traits honesty, kindness and industrious. Audie Murphy identified at Americans have so many responsibilities and privileges hence an ideal American should have great noble qualities of loyalty and patriotism.The main concern is the description of the Character of an Ideal American in the Christian perspective.

The hardworking or industrious Ideal American is demonstrated in the fact that Americans live in a unique world where they are bestowed with different responsibilities. As a result the Americans adapted the rule of “Ask not what the country can do for you but what you can do for the country”.

This has brought the Americans and their country too far by believing that it is not a person from outside America who would actually make America what they want it to be but themselves through their inputs to contribute in different areas for growth. Several demonstrations of a hardworking ideal American places them in the battle battlefield honestly defending their country in the frontline while on other occasions these ideal American is in the field plowing in preparation for planting. This ideal American can also be seen in a local café operating on the counter. What drives the ideal American in all this situations is that not everyone can have all what they want and sometime going an extra mile of giving one’s all despite what they do keeps one focused to the finish line. Deep in their heart they believe that at least someone has to work and this person is none other but them. When one thinks of an ideal American as possessing kindness, the best example of the time would be to think of Army Carmichael, an Ideal American who reached out and brought to the word of God the orphaned children and through her kindness and overwhelming love. In her life long vocation in India, Carmichael...
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