Idea to Implement Green Economy in India

Topics: Global warming, Pollution, Environmental movement Pages: 4 (1246 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Problem: Environmental pollution and Global warming
Idea to implement greenery in India
The main problem which we are facing is the Global warming because of the polluted atmosphere. My idea can reduce the global warming and can bring back the polluted free environment

Converting the brown economy to green economy can be done very easily and fastly only by the Indian youth by starting an effective campaign by name “earth warriors” or some other easy feasible name so that everyone in India can understand the theme of the program easily unlike the other programs that we had earlier like great power race or carbon credit race etc., which takes time for the people to understand the theme of the campaign.

How can the earth warriors campaign be helpful in implementing green economy? Under this campaign, students will be doing the projects that create the awareness on the environmental issues among the people. There will be about 1000 predefined greenery implementing projects and the educational institutions will be receiving the credits for doing these projects. This is just like the carbon credit race. But the main difference is that the innovations in the environmental projects and the new green project ideas will be given more credit points than the pre-defined green projects. The educational institution which gives the best output and solutions for the environmental issues in this campaign will be receiving its own fruits.

How should be the core team of the “earth warriors” campaign ? The core team should contain the dynamic youth who have a complete awareness about the environmental issues. We have already seen the people coming forward to fight against the environmental issues like Ravi teja muthu from chittor, Andhra pradesh National Coordinator and Managing Trustee at Climate Leaders India Network, Mahender Reddy, Coordinator of carbon credit race. Such type of people who come forward voluntarily to fight against environmental...
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