Idea of Lesson Plan on Voice Change

Topics: Passive voice, Subject, Verb Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Idea of Lesson Plan On Voice Change
Knowledge| Understanding| Application| Skill|
The students will be able to know : 1. What is Voice? 2. What is Voice Change?| The student will be able to understand : 1. How to change voice? 2. the structures.| The students will be able to apply : 1. Voice in their communication,| The students will be able to express themselves properly and correctly in English while writing.| Preparation: 1.What is a sentence? 2. What is the subject of a sentence? 3. What is the verb of a sentence? 4. What is the object of a sentence? What is voice? Voice is the quality of verb that indicates whether its subject acts or is acted upon.Different forms of Voice. Active Voice -- The verb form in which the subject of the sentence performs or causes the action expressed by the verb.Passive Voice -- The verb form in which the grammatical subject receives the verb’s action. ( When we describe a process or when the doer of the action is given less importance)Example of Active Voice: 1. The boy kicked the football.Example of Passive Voice: 2. The Football was kicked by the boy.Give 2 more examples.Structure:A.V: Sub + Aux. V + Ob.P.V : Obj + Aux. Verb (according to the Tense of A.V ) + Main Verb’s Past Participle + Prep. (by, With, to…)+ Sub (transformed)| Teachers Activity| Students’ Activity| The teacher will write down the definitionsThe teacher will write down all the examples: pupil teacher will show a chart related to the topicThe teacher will write down the structure on the black board properly explaining the structures with the help of examples| | The teacher will explain what is voiceExplain Active VoiceExplain Passive VoiceHere the two sentences mean the same thing but the presentation is different.In sentence 1. The boy is the doer of the action. The subject is active here. In sentence 2. The subject football is not the doer of the action, it is acted upon. The subject here is inactive or...
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