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Magic Quadrant for Integrated Document Archive and Retrieval Systems, 2006 Gartner RAS Core Research Note G00140780, Kenneth Chin, Toby Bell, 27 June 2006, R1997 06262007


nterprises are continuing to consolidate their IDARS platforms as a cost-cutting measure that will limit market growth. IDARS vendors with only report management capabilities will struggle and must develop strategies and products to expand into adjacent archiving and content management markets.

process. For companies that want to outsource their IDARS applications, vendors such as Anacomp and Archive Systems provide hosted IDARS solutions for imaging and presentment. Integrated content archiving products are emerging, and IDARS vendors will be key players as different archiving platforms converge. The IDARS market has changed, and the evaluation criteria continue to evolve. Vendors that did not invest in new product functionality and marketing will naturally move to the left in the Magic Quadrant on vision. This does not imply that the products evaluated last year are now deficient. It just means that new requirements have added new challenges to the market that have yet to be met. The proliferation and influence of self-service


The integrated document archiving and retrieval system (IDARS) Magic Quadrant is focused on providers that offer solutions related to storage, access, management, distribution and viewing of fixed content, which includes print-stream reports and images. Vendors are bringing their archiving products together, including IDARS, email archiving, imaging and SAP archiving to leverage their repository Figure 1. Magic Quadrant for Integrated Document Archive and capabilities. Today, more than oneRetrieval Systems, 2006 third of the key vendors in the IDARS market are enterprise content challengers leaders management (ECM) suite vendors, so they have a significant influence on market direction. Consolidation has slowed in the IDARS market; however, expect emerging competition from distributed output management (DOM) and document composition vendors that are providing archiving capabilities for the print streams that they process. DOM vendors, such as Levi, Ray and Shoup, are adding archiving capabilities as a natural extension to their processing of the print stream. IDARS vendors are also enhancing their DOM capabilities, such as ASG, Macro 4 and RSD. Although report management will continue to be the key requirement for most IDARS selections, including support for high-volume transaction applications and scalable archives, organizations need to take a strategic view of archiving in the vendor selection

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ability to execute

EMC BMC Software Hyland Software CA

IBM Mobius Management Systems Systemware RSD Macro 4 AXS-One

ASG Vignette FileNet Captaris Datawatch

Stellent Redwood Software

niche players


completeness of vision
As of June 2006
Source: Gartner (June 2006)

applications with large populations of casual archive users mean that vendor contracts and archives have to scale almost infinitely. In an increasingly competitive market, financial terms and software license metering are becoming important issues. The vendors in the 2006 IDARS Magic Quadrant include: • Best-of-breed IDARS vendors that focus on archiving and the delivery of print-stream-based reports and images. These vendors provide printstream ingestion, scalable repositories, multichannel output delivery and print management with support for a broad range of platforms. • ECM vendors that include IDARS as a component of their product suites. These vendors will offer a broad range of content management technologies, but IDARS is typically an add-on component. Some vendors will use a separate repository, while others will integrate with their imaging or content repositories. • System management vendors that offer IDARS as an extension of their infrastructure and application management...
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