Ida M. Tarbell

Topics: Newspaper, Journalism, Student newspaper Pages: 4 (986 words) Published: March 20, 2013
December 4th, 1875

To whom it may concern,

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ida Minerva Tarbell for the past 4 years and highly recommend her for your fine university. In my teaching career, I have never seen such a motivated young lady. I know Ida through my occupation at Titusville High School. She has been able to establish an excellent journalistic edge while working under my supervision as a journalist in the high school newspaper. To be involved in the school newspaper is a challenge, yet Ida managed to maintain superior grades in all of her other classes with great enthusiasm and passion for her education.

Although she has always been interested in Journalistic research and biographies, Ida excels in science and has received many honors in the subject. Not only is Ida an important member of the school newspaper, but she is also a member of The Titusville Science League of Biology, where she is the only female student. She is also a member of the French Honors Society and National Honors Society, evidently because of her superior grades. Since her freshman year, she has always been a hardworking and self-reliant individual. She is an early bird who seeks perfection in her studies and her actions. Ida is truly the ideal applicant for The American Progressive University. She is a strong-willed, confident, determined, intelligent and fair-minded young woman whom will not rest until she achieves perfection. I feel confident that she will succeed in her studies.

Having near perfect grades in Titusville High School is no easy task which, by no surprise, Ida was able to achieve. In my advanced placement English class, students are required to write 5-10 page long biographies, debates, and reports. With Ida’s superior writing skills I set examples and standards for my other students. Her academic excellence is due to the encouragement she receives from her parents. Growing up, Ida witnessed John D. Rockefeller’s attempts to gain control over the...
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