Ida B Summary

Topics: Dinner, Father, Meal Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: December 15, 2008
Derek Clayton
October 30, 2008
Mrs. Craft
4th period

“Ida B.”
Chapter Summary 1-5

In the first chapter, Ida B and her parents are in the kitchen talking and washing dishes. Her parents are moving too slow, she wants to go outside and play. She told her Dad, “There is never enough time for fun.” After a few more dishes, she was allowed to go outside. She grabbed some paper and a pencil to draw some things. Ida B decided to write to Canada, or so she thought. Ida B is always making up stories. She talks to a tree and the tree tells her she had some trouble coming her way. She asked Old Wise and he said it too. Ida B likes talking to the apple trees. In chapter three, Ida B is tired of her parents getting her name wrong. They always call her, “Eyedabee!” Some time they say her name real slow like this, “Eyhhh-dah”. After she gets the word out or her head, she just smiles. Ida B hardly gets in trouble, it’s just the little things she gets into. One night, Ida B and her father went out to the backyard to look at the stars. She asks her dad about the stars and he tells her a story. The story made sense to Ida B, so she went on to bed. The next morning, Ida was eating breakfast. She loves breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. Ida B always eats hot rolls, oats with raisins and milk with no sugar. Lunch and dinner is always a surprise for Ida B. She always goes out to play after lunch. Ida B loves to go outside, play, make up stories, and have fun.
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