Id System Using Rfid with Sms Technology

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RFID or also known as RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION is a new technique for the security and safety of a data. It is commonly found on items that are being delivered and need to be track. This system can be related to other systems such as AVI or Automated Vehicle Identification and AIDC or Automatic Identification and Data Capture. Other technologies of RFID are barcodes, OCR, magnetic stripes, smart cards and biometrics.

Tracking one item is difficult in such behaviour like for an instance, there is a chance that the product might be loss. RFID tags are limited for tracking consumer products worldwide. Manufacturers’ uses this tags to track the location of their products from the time of being delivered and until the consumers received it. The automated wireless AIDC systems are super effective in the field of manufacturing and producing items where barcode labels are eliminated or could not survive. AIDC commonly used for identifying items, receive information about it and also to enter new information or edit the old information with just directly using the computer and wont involve human interaction.

The proponents propose study “ID System using RFID with SMS Technology for East Central College” goals to modify the old process of monitoring the absences and the late of the student of San Vicente Pilot School for Philippine Craftsmen. Also, the propose system will be able to notify the parents or guardian of the student via Short Message Services (SMS) according to the presence of their child. Lately, other schools are not able to monitor the attitude of their students and could not reach for the parents to consult about their children. The proposed study also targets to fasten up the process of checking up the schedule of the students of San Vicente Pilot School for Philippine Craftsmen and to reach up with the parents in case of any trouble or some unnecessary event via an SMS. The SMS technology will help both teachers and faculty members to announce if there is an emergency meeting in the school.

1.1 Background of the Study
East Central College (ECC) has been a education institute since July 23, 1945 by Mr. Ciriaco C. Toledano, who had a dream of opening a school when he was still working with the American Restless every night, dictated by his intense desire to follow his dream of building a school someday. He started mapping out his plan on how he could possibly pursue that vision and dream. Certainly this was a great Herculean task. There were numerous obstacles and impediments along the way, foremost of which was financial support. The opening of his school was quite timely for news about the great need for employees at Clark Air Base spread throughout the town of San Fernando, Pampanga. Situated behind the SFELAPCO (San Fernando Electric Light and Power Company). The school was housed under a dilapidated residential building left destroyed after the Japanese Occupation. The size of the classroom was only 4 meters by 8 meters. The ground floor was not cemented and the surrounding walls and ceiling were covered with mere bamboo sawali. About60 students enrolled on the date of the opening; hence the founder was forced to look for additional typewriters to meet the big number of enrollment. Thus, after one week the typewriters were increased to six. At beginning of the school year 1964-47, a new one story building was constructed at the right side portion of the residential lot. Two years later, in September 1953, the whole lot with almost 1000, square meters was purchased through a mortgaged loan from the National Development Bank of the Philippines. Due to the urgent need for a change in the name of the school brought about by increase in additional courses and increased student enrollment, the following changes in names were adopted gradually TOLEDANO VOCATIONAL SCHOOL, TOLEDANO INSTITUTE, TOLEDANO COLLEGE and finally EAST CENTRAL COLLEGE...
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