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  • Published : November 3, 2008
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This essay argues that national identification cards should not become compulsory to British citizens because the cost of implementing them and the risk from data hackers is too great. Initially this essay will look at the benefits of putting into operation national identity cards. This includes looking at how ID cards help prevent terrorism and how ID cards will benefit the fight against crime. Later the essay will focus on the drawbacks of implementing national identity cards to the British public including costs, potential hackers and the human privacy rights.

One of the main reasons why identity cards should be implemented is because of the recent terrorism threats (Heffer, 2004). The journal entitled ‘how ID cards can liberate us’ states that the British Metropolitan police commissioner, John Stevens stands on the issue that the use of national identification cards will help fight the war against terrorism in Britain. Fighting terrorism is an extremely strong argument for making identity cards compulsory. The identity cards will be highly beneficial to the police in tracking down terrorists, since biometric data will be collected on a national register. Furthermore Stevens believes that the government owe it to our country to preserve the publics’ welfare (Heffer, 2004).

A further benefit of introducing a compulsory Identity card in this country is that the ID card will help the fight against crime. In the journal ‘Collaborate on ID cards’ Higgins states “it is widely recognised that a universal, easily-recognised identity document that can be trusted by all, and which involve counter-fraud measures, would be of benefit in the fight against crime.” Higgins also believes that the industries technological challenges can be met but the right technical solutions will only be developed and implemented through dialogue. Although Higgins believes that ID cards will benefit this country. He realises that by implementing them the national identity cards also...
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