Icu Syndrome Nursing Responsibility

Topics: Anxiety, Fear, Patient Pages: 3 (771 words) Published: May 11, 2013
ICU Syndrome
Pain and Discomfort
1. Administer adequate analgesic for patient as prescribed by doctor to reduce pain. 2. Monitor pain status using appropriate tools of pain score monitoring eg: Numeric pain rating scale for patient who can give response, Wong Baker’s for paediatrics cases, FLACC for CVA patient so that pain score rating can be done correctly and immediate action can be done. 3. Provide good hygiene care such as bed bath, mouth care, eye care and perineal care to maintain patient’s comfort. 4. Do turning every two hourly and when necessary to prevent bed sore and pressure sore which also can cause pain to patient. 5. Apply warmer blanket to give comfort to patient

6. Secure all invasive tube properly such CVL and etc, to prevent dislodgement which can cause bleeding and pain to patient. 7. Provide a tender loving care to patient so that patient can feel more calm and comfort. 8. Provide a good explanation to patient whenever do any procedure so that patient can be more cooperate and not anxious, and procedure can be done smoothly without any complication

1. Adjust lighting to stimulate night and day as an effect that helps to orientate patient and allow patient to sleep well during night time 2. Reduce noise level by decreasing the volume on alarm and limiting volume of idle conversation to prevent noise disturbance in patient who need rest 3. Reduce procedure during night time and plan activities to allow patient to have 70-90 minutes of uninterrupted sleep. 4. Give spiritual support, and advice family member to pray with patient to reduce fear and allow patient to sleep well 5. Apply warmer blanket to patient so that they more comfortable and can sleep well 6. Serve hot milk or hot chocolate to patient that allow orally. 7. Restrict visitor after 10pm to allow patient to rest earlier 8. Administer medication as per prescribed by doctor such as Tab. Lorazepam at night to facilitate...
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