Icu Birth Control

Topics: Hormonal contraception, Childbirth, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: April 25, 2008
Product: Birth Control
Brand: IUS Mirena Coil

The letters ‘IUS’ stand for ‘intrauterine system.’ It’s not much longer than a match, and it’s more or less T-shaped. It has a couple of short threads hanging from the foot of the ‘T.’ These are useful when the time comes to remove it; all the doctor or nurse has to do is to tug on them with a little clamp. Most importantly, the stem of the T contains a reservoir full of female hormone, of the type known as a progestogen. This hormone is steadily released into your womb, day after day, for as long as you use the device – which you can do for up to five years. The hormone in Mirena is called levonorgestrel which is a component of several contraceptive pills. The number of women using the Mirena Coil is steadily increasing because of its advantages. It doesn’t interfere with sex, it is very effective with a 99% effectiveness in studies, and it works for five years. After a few months, it reduces the menstrual flow to little or nothing. It is also easy to remove and the woman’s fertility returns immediately thereafter. Mirena is only available by prescription and costs around $245.

How it works
Mirena works by thickening the mucus inside the cervix, making very difficult for sperm to break through. The hormone also thins down the lining of the womb. This makes it unlikely for an egg to be accepted. It has been shown in some women that the hormone prevents the ovaries from releasing eggs at all. The insertion process can be very painful, so it is recommended to take aspirin or paracetamol beforehand. The doctor may give the patient an injection of local anesthetic. The doctor inserts a thing straw like object that contains the Mirena, pushing it through the hole in the cervix and into the womb. It is common for the patient to feel slight pain and bleeding for the next few days, but if it is something of concern, the woman isn’t to hesitate calling her doctor or clinic.

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