Ict Unit 2

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Unit 2 –
Working in the IT industry

Form: 10T

Task 14
Research the characteristics required to work in the IT sector4
Describe the characteristics and display it in a table.4
Task 26
Create a table with two columns, regarding job role and descriptions6
List the different type of roles that can be found in the ICT sector6
Describe each of the job roles6
Task 311
Create a booklet regarding ONE job role11
List the characteristics needed for the specific job role11
Task 414
Extend the booklet -Explain why certain characteristics are needed for the specific jobs.14
Task 519
Write a written report to justify the job role which meets the above criteria.19

Aim of Assignment
The aim of this unit is to ensure that learners have knowledge of the available job roles involving professional IT and the characteristics employers demand in the IT industry.

Learning Outcomes

1. Know the characteristics that are used by the employers in the IT industry 2. Know the common job roles undertaken by people working in the IT industry -------------------------------------------------

Key Words

Industry specific: technical knowledge, working procedures, health and safety knowledge

General: skills e.g. interpersonal skills, planning skills, organizational skills, time management, team working, numeric skills, creativity, problem solving

Attitudes: preferred e.g. determined, independent, integrity, tolerant, dependable, leadership, confidence, self-motivation

General IT: roles e.g. solutions architecture, solution development and implementation, network management, information security, technical writers, data administrators, IT service management and delivery; hardware specific e.g. manufacturing, repair, supply, installation, networks; software specific e.g. applications programmers, systems programmers, website developer, communications programmers

Investigation and design: analysts; designers; project managers


IT Venture is an ICT recruitment agency which specialises in IT jobs. In the recent times getting a job in the IT industry has become very difficult. To help the people who want to get into the industry the agency wants to run an article and alongside it they will advertise job roles which will include the ideal employee attributes. In this assignment you are a junior recruiter working at the agency. The manager has asked you to take on the task of writing the article about characteristics needed to work in the ICT industry. You will then produce a table with a selective number of IT job roles, the job roles will state the employee attributes needed to them. -------------------------------------------------

1. Researching the requirements Grade P1

You will have to research the characteristics which are needed to get a job in the industry. The best way to go about the task is to state the characteristics and then to describe them.

Task 1
For P1 you need to:
Research the characteristics required to work in the IT sector Describe the characteristics and display it in a table.

P1 -Evidence to be submitted:
1. Table with 2 columns using the headings = characteristics and description
Characteristics required in the IT industry
Characteristics/skills | Description |
Interpersonal | * Definition- Relating to others, getting on with people (and getting the job done) * Needed because you must get on with people. * If you don’t get on with people then you cannot get the job done! * People may find you a negative influence if you cannot work with others properly.| Planning | * Definition- Planning your work, task lists, doing things in the right order, ensuring you...
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