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1. Quickly press the left button twice and remove your finger is referred to as _________ (a) Single Clicking (b) Double Clicking(c) Twice clicking

2. _________is a program that helps the computer to work.(a) Operating System(b) Application System (c) Computer

3. Cascading your window is a way of _________your windows on the desktop.(a) organizing (b) deleting(c) clicking

4. Restore, move, size, minimize, maximize and close buttons can all be located in the _______(a) control box (b) menu box(c) window box.

5. The part of the window that displays the name of an opened window is ________(a) Title Bar (b) Taskbar(c) Start menu

6. Which of the following fingers are responsible for the space bar?(a) Left index finger(b) Thumb (c) Right Index finger.

7. Which I.C.T tool can be useful in everyday activity?(a) Football(b) School Bell(c) Photocopy

8. Paint and Notepad Application can be located in _______(a) Accessories(b) Games(c) Windows

9. Which of the following bars contains the name of an opened application?(a) Title bar(b) Menu bar (c) Control bar.

10. Which of the following buttons is used to reduce an opened window on the taskbar?(a) Title bar (b) Menu bar(c) Taskbar

11. The button used to tile an opened window on the desktop is __________(a) Minimize button (b) Maximize button(c) Restore button.

12. The button used to reduce an opened window on the desktop is ________(a) Maximize button (b) Minimize Button(c) Restore Button.

13. When you clock on the start menu pops up.(a) The Taskbar(b) Start menu (c) All programs.

14. The taskbar is at the _________of the desktop.(a) Top(b) Button(c) Middle.

15. The mouse pointer and cursor are the same.(a) True(b) False(c) Not at all.

16. The Minimum and Maximize buttons on the window are all the same.(a) True(b) False (c) Not at all.

17. The clock can be found on the __________(a) Taskbar(b) Start menu(c) Window box.

18. When you click on the “Restore” the window will be closed.(a) True(b) False(c) Not at all.

19. When you click on the Minimum button the window will be reduce to the taskbar like a button. (a) True(b) False(c) Not at all.

20. The start menu us the button on the left of the taskbar.(a) True(b) False(c) Not at all.

21. A text editor allows you to make changes to the text you type.(a) True(b) False(c) Not at all

22. Which key on the keyboard helps you to type capital letters on the computer?(a) Enter key (b) Caps Lock key(c) Cups Lock key

23. Typing involves Upper Case and Lower Case characters.(a) True(b) False(c) Not at all.

24. _______is used to close a gap between two words.(a) Spacebar(b) Backspace(c) Shift.

25. Icons on the computer are located on the _________(a) Desktop(b) All programs(c) Taskbar.


Find the correct word in the bracket for the following meaning used in computer.

1. It is the area on your monitor where you can display information. (topdesk)
Answer: ____________________

2. It is the type of mails that is sent through the internet (mailes)
Answer: ____________________

3. It is the part of the computer system. It is used in typing numbers and letters (boardkey)
Answer: ____________________

4. A list of information to choose from. (nMeu)
Answer: ____________________

5. The small icons which represent programs and files you see on the desktop. (onIcs)
Answer: ____________________

Use the diagram below to answer the questions that follows;


(a) What is the name of the window above?

(b) List the parts labelled A – G

(c) The parts labelled B C D together is called...
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