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Ict Lab 2

By | Feb. 2013
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1. Buying a new PC.
Low Yat Plaza in Jalan Bukit Bintang is a well-known place for computer sales. Assume that you want to buy a new PC for your personal use. Your task is to:

i. Make a list of your hardware and software requirements, be as specific as possible. (For software, you must at least choose 1 type of operating system and 3 application programs.)

* CPU (Central Processing Unit): responsible for handling all instructions it receives from hardware components and software programs running on the computer. * Hard disc: the computer's main storage media device that permanently stores all data on the computer. * RAM (Random Access Memory): main memory or system memory, is a term commonly used to describe the memory within a computer.  * Monitor: video display screen and the hard shell that holds it. * Keyboard: allow a computer user to input letters, numbers, and other symbols into a computer * Motherboard: a printed circuit that is the foundation of a computer and allows the CPU, RAM, and other computeR components to function with each other. * Mouse: allows an individual to control a pointer in a graphical user interface (GUI). * Printer: An external hardware device responsible for taking computer data and generating a hard copy of that data. * Scanner:  a hardware input device that allows a user to take an image or text and convert it into a digital file, allowing the computer to read or display the scanned object. * Printer: a machine that responsible in taking computer data and generating hard disk from it.

OPERATING SYSTEM Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
* Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010
* Windows Media Player
* Adobe Reader X
* Firefox 18.0.1

ii. Prepare one-page of comparison table/chart, listing each requirement including price, brand and how each system meets or exceeds it.

BRANDS| COMPAQ(Compaq Presario SG3770IL Desktop PC)...

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